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Importance of Website Innovation

  • Posted on : December 12, 2013 by

    Categories: Email Marketing, Online Marketing, Pay Per Click, SEO, Website Design
    Light bulb and gears. Perpetuum mobile idea concept.

    We humans have been learning to innovate since time immemorial. We have innovated and seen, the first telegraph, the first light bulb, the first car, the first plane, the first of so many things that have now become indispensable in our lives. Innovation has always been there with us, then why has it become so alarming today? Why is everyone stressing upon it so much today? Why are people spending billions of dollars on Research to innovate today?



    Innovate or Die


    As technology advanced and became a necessity, speaking from an organization’s perspective, Innovation has now become a point of differentiation to gain competitive advantage in the industry. Organizations have become conscious as they have come to realize that in order to stay in the game, they ought to innovate. Website Design & Online Marketing is no different.



    Websites earlier was just a means of having an online presence until recently because it was believed that if you’re not on the World Wide Web, you simply don’t exist! We rapidly saw the decline of traditional mediums like advertising in magazines or Yellow Pages. Today Websites, directly or indirectly (depending on the type of business you’re in), impact the bottom line of organizations.



    That’s when Online Marketing (entailing Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Tele Marketing, Email Marketing Campaigns) came into picture. Today, the race is not just to sustain in the industry but also to appear on Google Search (or any other search engine for that matter, Google being the most popular).



    Organizations are willing to spend extra on online marketing for various benefits that come along – Increased traffic on the website, more visitors hence more popularity, more leads and hence more customers thereby experiencing enhanced return on investment.



    Businesses (Small or Large) cannot ignore the power of Websites & Online Marketing strategies if they want to create a lasting impact and make it big!!!


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